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Instructions to participants


Instructions to participants


September 24, 2017

Under the auspices of


Dear participants,

The major weekend of living the unique experience of crossing the historic canal of Korinthos has arrived. The canal is considered to be the gate of Pelloponissos.

According to latest available date based on the canal technicians the drafts of the canal waters are expected to flow from the Korinthian bay towards Argossaronikos bay.

Thus, with a probability of 95 %, the starting line will be in Possidonia. It is important to understand that the assembly will take place in Isthmia. In Isthmia there will be the administrative office that will provide participant’s packages starting at Sunday 08.00 until 09.30 a.m.

Thereafter, participants will board on vessels to cross the canal with destination Possidonia. In Possidonia participants will be separated in different category groups with the first group to be composed by elite swimmers.

The water temperature is forecasted to be 27 – 28 degrees while the speed of drafts during the event will be 2 – 3 miles per hour.

Things you should notice

  • Light breakfast to be concluded at least 3 hours before the event
  • Full body hydration to be achieved on Saturday
  • Prompt receipt of the participation package
  • Use of participant’s headwear and count bracelet is obligatory (both included in the package)
  • Swim in the middle of the canal avoiding channel’s banks
  • Please pay extra attention to the directions of both lifeguards and organization staff

To improve services rendered

there will be changing rooms – tents located in Isthmia. Individual clothing needs to be placed in a bag tagged with your participation number (tags will be available to the administration desk). Participants have the option to lay bags either in Isthmia’s tents – changing rooms or in the vessel in order to be collected later in Isthmia.

Across the channel participants will be escorted by lifeguards of LIFEGUARD HELLAS while six boats will overlook the smooth passage.

For your own safety the organization committee has arranged so that the GREEK RED CROSS along with the GREEK FIRST AID CENTER to be available and mobile during the event.

We are looking forward to your participation and we hope you will enjoy crossing the unique European Canal of Korinthos.