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September 24, 2017
Under the auspices of


The aim of the event is to attract Greek as well as International swimmers in order to be established as an International Athletic Event while, at the same time, highlight the value of one of the most important constructions of modern Greece (the Corinth Canal). Furthermore, the event will ensure the area’s rich cultural and historical heritage will be promoted internationally.


The contest schedule on the event day is as follows:

Secretariat Registration hours: 9:00 – 10:00

Starting time : 10:30

Ending time : 14:30 (maximum time limit)

Awards ceremony : 15:00

Celebration/ Parallel Events: 12:00-…

Starting time of the contest may change due to canal currents. We will keep you updated with constant announcements at the event’s website and social networks.


The participants will cross 6343 meters along the Corinth Canal.
The Canal is one of the most important constructions of modern Greece and has heavily influenced the Mediterranean commerce, standing as an inspirational idea, although it was completed…25 centuries after its original conception.

“Afnios Corinth” was one of the most important cities of both ancient and modern Greece. Its geographical location helped it become a great Maritime, Commercial and Cultural Center.

The Canal’s total length is 6,343 meters, 540 meters of which are occupied by the Isthmia and Posidonia outer harbors.

Its starting point is located on the Canal axis, at a fixed point of 83 meters from the Posidonia breakwaters, ending 40 meters from the Isthmian jetty.

The Canal’s maximum width is 24,60 meters (sea level) and 21 meters deep. Its depth is 8 meters.



The starting and ending points of the contest will be announced five (5) days before the starting date and all participants will be informed through the event’s website and via e-mail by the Organizing Committee.

This is due to the existing currents (2 1/2 – 3 knots) along the Canal, which change direction every six (6) hours.

For the participants’ safety, the starting point will be on the canal side where sea currents flow beneficially.

The contest will start out on one of the two (2) modern sinking bridges (either Isthmia or Posidonia) – depending on the currents flow – and it will end in the sea, in a specially shaped arch.

Due to the limited canal width, contestants will be separated in groups of seventy (70) people with a two (2) minute interval on startup. The groups will be determined according to the participants’ stated birth year and assigned category.

Ending time limit is set to four (4) hours.



Participants of the contest must :

  1. have reached the age of 13
  2. have accepted the fact that they swim on their own responsibility and that the Organizer bears no responsibility for whatever may occur before, during and after the end of the contest
  3. reach the Secretatariat area (to be specified by the organizing committee) at least an hour and a half (1.5) before the starting time. Identity demonstration is necessary
  4. wear a special cap provided by the organizing committee and have their participation number indicated on a high prominent point on both hands (assisted by Secretariat staff)
  5. not use any auxiliary swimming means (flippers, board etc.) during the contest
  6. not use prohibited substances
  7. protect the Canal’s natural environment from any sort of pollution
  8. follow the instructions of the Organising Committee in case of abandonment (handing over of timing chips, getting transferred to the finish point by boat provided by the Organizing Committee)
  9. board a boat provided by the Organizing Committee and get transferred to the finish point in case they exceed the maximum time limit of four (4) hours to reach the finish line

All participants who reach the finish line within the specified time limit in accordance with the above regulations will receive a commemorative medal. The first three contestants of each category will be awarded with trophie cups.


The right to participate in the “Swimming Contest – Crossing the Corinth Cana”l have those that :

  • Have reached the age of 13
  • Have completed and submitted the Participation Form (Information here)
  • Have deposited the participation fee to the designated bank account no later than three (3) days after submission of the Participation Form (Information here)
  • Have read and accepted the terms of participation of the event


No wetsuit :

  1. Men – Women aged 13 to 17
  2. Men – Women aged 18 to 29
  3. Men – Women aged 30 to 39
  4. Men – Women aged 40 to 49
  5. Men – Women aged 50+


With wetsuit :

  1. Men – Women aged 12 to 39
  2. Men – Women aged 40+


Throughout the event, Medical Services, Rescue Teams and First Aid personnel will be present at the starting and finishing point of the area, as well as at selected en route points to address any urgent medical or other sorts of incidents by providing immediate assistance.


There will be a specially designed platform at a prominent point of the course where swimmers can be provided with water and isotonic  beverages. The participants may hand over to the Secretariat personnel their own isotonic beverages,  indicating their name and participation number before  the start of the contest so as to be placed at the water supply station.


Swimmers should place their personal belongings inside a bag provided by the Organizer. It will be marked with the according participation number and placed in the designated storage area. The Organizing Committee will tranfer them to the finish point in order to be collected by the participants after the end of the contest.



  • Timing chip
  • Official event t-shirt
  • Event bag
  • Swimming cap
  • Commemorative medal
  • Hydration (isotonic beverages, water, gel)
  • Digital photo
  • Digital finish line award stating the time record
  • Personal items safekeeping
  • Full health coverage
  • Full organizing support of the participants
  • Celebration ceremony at finish area
  • Any further additions will be announced on the event’s website



Take part as a volunteer in the “Swimming Contest – Crossing the Corinth Canal CROSS THE EUROCANAL” and become a part of the feast!

Volunteers are one of the most integral parts of a sports event. They actively assist in the preparation and proper conduct of a contest.

Volunteering is a way of life which stems from the need of a person for solidarity and contribution.

Volunteers will receive an event t-shirt before the contest which they are required to wear during of the event.

All volunteers will provide their services during the event day.